Our Start


The Begining:

My wife Danielle and I started our Screen Printing business in 2014 with a small ebay manual screen printing press and the hopes to print fun tshirts for our friends and family. Little did we know that it would become so much more than that.

Quality Is Key:

A few short months later we realized that if we where going to produce high quality print we would need to invest in better higher quality equipment to meet the needs of our growing clientele. This is when our attention to detail and quality got its start. We started producing more complex prints and began taking on new clients as a result.

Time To Get Serious:

I still remember when we received our first job for 500 tshirts order with front and back prints, it took us 4 days to manually print this order.  This opened our eyes and made us think if we are going to continue our passion and take on large jobs like this it was time to change the game. We where extremely fortunate to be able to purchase our first automatic screen printing press after being in business for about 2 years. This was one of the best moves we made as a young business. Not only could we produce more consistent quality but we became more efficient which meant we could help even more clients achieve their goals. 

Our Vision:

Since we started our business we have made numerous friendships and met some of the most dedicated business owners imaginable. We quickly realized that our business was to print high quality tshirts but more important it was about the relationships we were creating with our clients. Our vision for our printing company is to build personal relationships with our customers so that we can better serve each of their unique needs.

We hope that you will give CTA PRINTS the opportunity to help you succeed with your next project.

                                                                                                 -Brad Magenheimer